Bagh-e Melli or EL Goli in East Azarbaijan province

  Before you leave Tabriz, do not miss EL Goli or the National Park (former Shah Goli, il goli), a pleasant hillside garden and park around an artificial lake to the area of 54,675 square meters in the style of the much smaller Bagh-e Takht north of Shiraz or the Qasr-e Qajar north of Tehran.
EL Goli, only 4 km south of downstream Tabriz, is so lovely a place that it deserves an illustration. It is a popular weekend resort for the locals.
A hill in the eastern side of the park leads down to the pool with steps, and a fountain from top of the hill flows down to the pool.
In the center of the pool there is a grand hexagonal building.
The pool itself is said, have been built during the reign of Aq Qoyunlu kings

Bagh-e-Fin (Fin Garden) in Esfahan province

  The Bagh-i-Shah of Fin is a palace that combines the architectural features of the Safavid, Zandiyeh and Qajar periods.
It is famous for its abundant water-supply (Cheshmeh Sulaimani), a garden thick with trees, a pool with numerous spouts, and an old historical bathing-house (where Amir Kabir was murdered.)
The original construction of the park and the Suffehs are attributed to the reigns of Shah Safi and Shah Sulaiman, the Safavid monarchs, which later on have been expanded and repaired under other Safavid kings.
The present remains consist of two suffehs known as Shah Abbassi and Fath Ali Shahi, a structure called Karim Khani, and its famous bathing-house
In a part of the park, a building has been museum is housed.
The Shah Abbassi suffeh is actually a two-story building which is situated almost at the centre of the park facing the impressive portal.
At the center of the suffeh, there is a beautiful pool. Upon the walls and on the ceiling of the suffeh, traces of Safavid color paintings can be seen.
These paintings include views of hunting-grounds, portraits of princes, etc
The frieze of the suffeh is of marble, of which only some fragments have survived. The other covered suffeh, known as Fath Ali Shahi has been constructed in A.H. 1226 (A.D. 1811), and in the interior of this structure, these exist some paintings depicting different sceneries as well as a plaster inscription in Nastaliq script. Most of the verses included in it have disappeared.
The poet`s name is Khavari and that of the calligrapher, Muhammad Taqi Husseini who has done the work in A.H. 1226 (A.D. 1811). The present portal of the park belongs to the Qajar period, around which remains of a guard-house and some other structures can be seen.
On the whole, the Bagh-i-Shah of Fin counts amongst the most beautiful ancient parks of Iran as regards its location, a bountiful fountain called Sultani, numerous old trees, tall cypresses, pools and streams of flowing water and numerous spouts.

Delgosha Garden in Fars province

In southern entrance of Tang-e-Sadi in Shiraz, and beneath Nodar castle, there is a large garden, which is known as Delgosha. The garden is composed of a very large ground area located alongside the Boustan avenue which leads to the tomb of Sa`di. The walls of

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